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Found 1 Nikko

Pet Owner: D'Aniya P. (TX)Pet Name: NikkoDate Lost: 04/25/2017Date Found: 04/26/17

I literally posted my lost dog flyer yesterday the day my dogs went missing and everyone were texting me and sending me links to a facebook post regarding my lost dogs. I'm so glad that I choose this site because y'all found my dogs in less than 24 hours


Found 1 Duke

Pet Owner: Lili T. (TX)Pet Name: DukeDate Lost: 04/22/2017Date Found: 04/26/17

I have used anytime I have lost a pet, or have a friend that lost a pet. It was because of the services that provides that alerted a veterinary clinic nearby that my dog was lost, and by a miracle they knew who had my dog and contacted the people. Thank you! -Lili


Pet Owner: Jamie T. (KS)Pet Name: Abbey cobbDate Lost: 04/25/2017Date Found: 04/25/17

It was great to know this site was available to help send out the word of our lost dog/4 legged family member. They were quick to get the word out to the area. Something we could not have done ourselves. Thanks for a great service.


Pet Owner: Jamie T. (KS)Pet Name: Abbey cobbDate Lost: 04/25/2017Date Found: 04/25/17

It was great to know this site was available to help send out the word of our lost dog/4 legged family member. They were quick to get the word out to the area. Something we could not have done ourselves. Thanks for a great service.



Pet Owner: THERESA B. (NY)Pet Name: CHARLIEDate Lost: 04/16/2017Date Found: 04/20/17

It's beyond words to say how grateful we are to have Charlie home safe and unharmed . It was through our never ending search and by the grace of god that Charlie was found and returned to us ! We are forever indebted to all the people who never gave up looking for him ! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ...,


Found 1 Jewel

Pet Owner: Andrea M. (TX)Pet Name: JewelDate Lost: 04/14/2017

We were able to locate my 16 year old beagle who had wandered off using the flyer made by which was posted on Facebook. The nice people who found her wandering around a busy road put her picture online on the nextdoor site and someone tagged my flyer. They contacted me and we had her back within 24 hours of placing the add. We appreciate this site very much!


Found 1 Enzo

Pet Owner: Katie M. (AL)Pet Name: EnzoDate Lost: 04/23/2017Date Found: 04/25/17

NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! Enzo went missing Sunday evening around 6:30 pm in a la apartment complexe, I was frantic! I walked for 2 hours with a flashlight yelling his name, nothing. That night I had pictures printed of him & started making posters to post all around the next day, Monday. I called the office & they recommend posting some in the laundry facilities, I was in shock when whinin 2 hours I received a call, "I have your dog!" The caller saw him in the parking lot & scooped him up, gave him a bath & took him on a hike. It was like a feild trip for him, THANK GOD FOR HONEST PEOPLE! My advice is, POSTERS, POSTERS, POSTERS! All the best!


Found 1 SoCo

Pet Owner: Kristin S. (IL)Pet Name: SoCoDate Lost: 04/12/2017Date Found: 04/13/17

This was a great resource to have when you have lost your dog. Spreading the word, local shelters, and micro-chipped is how I found SoCo. I was fortunate he was taken in by one of my neighbors and then taken to our local shelter. He was chipped! I recommend everyone to do it. The shelter is the one who called me the next day. Unfortunately the micro-chip scan was down the day he was found so they had to run it the next day. I had a collar & he was recently groomed so my neighbor knew he was well loved. I did buy another name tag since we lost his. Thanks for the support and help to find him.


Found 2 Pickles

Pet Owner: Alison R. (MN)Pet Name: PicklesDate Lost: 04/14/2017

When a pet goes missing, there is panic combined with the urgency of wanting to find them right away. Fortunately, none of us have to go through that scenario on a regular basis. Unfortunately because of that, when we are in that position, we have no idea how to get the word out quickly and to the proper resources. Lost My Doggie was invaluable in helping us know that we were reaching local professionals and volunteers who could assist in finding Pickles. It added a little piece of mind knowing that persons that might come in contact with him would be aware that he was lost and know how to get ahold of us. Pickles did come home on his own after two nights out. He was scared and skittish, but otherwise ok. Even so, the resource you provide is such a valuable tool in an emotional time, and I would recommend it to anyone who has lost a pet.


Pet Owner: elizabeth b. (NC)Pet Name: ZoeDate Lost: 04/21/2017

Zoe was located 2 hours after I posted this notice!!! My vet received the fax and she called me to tell me a dog like her was posted on facebook! I am so grateful .... my baby is back now and we are so thankful! The notice also came through my FB feed., which I noticed after we got her back. This is the best pet locator and I give it an exceptional rating!!!!!


Found 1 don't want to say

Pet Owner: Sharon O. (LA)Pet Name: don't want to sayDate Lost: 04/22/2017Date Found: 04/24/17

Thank you so much for having your site available. Although I was lucky enough to have someone pick her up off the street for safety, and then called me the next day after seeing my street signs, I still definitely appreciate this site for being there, for those who may not be so lucky. Again THANK YOU !!!


Found 1 Malichi

Pet Owner: Tomi T. (CA)Pet Name: MalichiDate Lost: 04/21/2017Date Found: 04/23/17

I'm happy with the services that I received from lost my doggie. I never thought our fur baby would ever go missing. I will recommend this company to others.


Found 1 Milo

Pet Owner: Mayra R. (TX)Pet Name: MiloDate Lost: 04/20/2017Date Found: 04/23/17

We are so grateful to all for helping us spread the word.and reposting. We were able to locate our pet thanks in part to this social media and poster


Found 1 Coo Coo(Raven)

Pet Owner: Nicole C. (FL)Pet Name: Coo Coo(Raven)Date Lost: 04/21/2017Date Found: 04/22/17

this site was a huge help in recovering my lost dog! when I was told by a woman she believes her brother found the dog in the picture she called the police who picked her up and took her to animal control. where they also recognized her from the flyer off of!! I couldn't be more grateful for this website and to my Vet who recommended it to me!!


Found 1 Arrow

Pet Owner: Mary M. (TX)Pet Name: ArrowDate Lost: 04/21/2017Date Found: 04/22/17

So thankful for I had several people tell me they had seen my dog on Facebook after sharing the notice on the site and when he was found he had been seen on by Richland Hills animal control. They called me and let me know know they had him. I also put him on Google next door and he was seen there as well. Thank you to the people who do for offering us this free service. I always list lost and found dogs on my Facebook page from Don't know if they'd ever led to one getting home again but I hope so!
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