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Found 1 Buddy

Pet Owner: Craig C. (AZ)Pet Name: BuddyDate Lost: 11/13/2016Date Found: 12/02/16

About a month after posting that our dog was lost, one of the vet clinics that got the fax from Lostmydoggie said someone had brought in a stray dog that matched our dog's description. Sure enough we were able to get in contact with them and got our dog back. Made the wife real happy to get them back. :)


Pet Owner: Amanda T. (OH)Pet Name: CasperDate Lost: 12/02/2016

Casper has been found thank you


Found 1 Missy

Pet Owner: Michael M. (GA)Pet Name: MissyDate Lost: 11/26/2016

Very easy to post our lost dog. Wish I could say this site was the reason we got her back but the truth is someone in the neighborhood saw her and called us. He said he recognized her from the posters we put up throughout the neighborhood. I would use this site again if I ever lost another dog - heaven forbid.


Pet Owner: terri t. (CA)Pet Name: rizziDate Lost: 11/02/2016

good evening i had to wonderful people found rizzi, and she was return to me on 11/30/2016 i just want people to know there are miracles that happen and dont give up hope. if i can be of some help for somebody out there i will if i found a dog or cat or animal wondering i will pick them up and look for there owner god bless and thank you


Found 1 Kida

Pet Owner: Dorie S. (OH)Pet Name: KidaDate Lost: 11/30/2016

Thankyou to all of the wonderful people who have helped us find our baby! This website truly is a godsend!



Pet Owner: SISSY S. (AL)Pet Name: GRACIE SMITHDate Lost: 11/29/2016

Gracie is home safe and sound – thank God! She went to one of our neighbors house that I had not yet met when there was a storm here on Tuesday night and has been there ever since!! They saw one of my posted signs & returned her this afternoon. :) They took EXCELLENT care of her, & we are so happy to have her back home… Thank you!!! ????????????????


Found 1 Chester

Pet Owner: CHRIS C. (TX)Pet Name: ChesterDate Lost: 11/30/2016Date Found: 11/30/16

Thank you to lostmydoggie for helping find my furbaby. it didn't take long for someone to see the add and get our chester back home


Found 1 Sophie

Pet Owner: Lendy G. (CA)Pet Name: SophieDate Lost: 11/18/2016Date Found: 11/30/16

I really appreciate the help I got, thank you for sending out the emails out. And the calls to help find my Sophie.


Found 2 Otis

Pet Owner: Susan L. (MI)Pet Name: OtisDate Lost: 10/28/2016Date Found: 11/30/16

I was astounded by how quickly the word got out, how clearly stated your recorded message was, and how positively people responded to getting the message. I got a number of calls right away. Unfortunately, I'm sorry to report that my cat was found dead, and I didn't recover him due to the lost pet alert from this site. However, I am grateful that this service exists, and think it is a valuable resource that should be used by anyone who has lost a pet. I am confident that if my boy had merely been somewhere in the neighborhood, your alerts would have led me to him.


Found 1 Riley

Pet Owner: Tiffany C. (TN)Pet Name: RileyDate Lost: 11/23/2016Date Found: 11/28/16

I'm so thankful for!! I filled out the form and posted the flyers and someone saw my flyer and took a photo and went online to teach for the color photo of my pup and they had actually found her and picked her up because it was cold outside! I'm so lucky to have this site!!!


Found 1 Pluto

Pet Owner: Sandra S. (TN)Pet Name: PlutoDate Lost: 11/23/2016

We found Pluto. A family took care of him and bring back to us. Thank you for your help.


Found 1 Scrappy

Pet Owner: Christina S. (CA)Pet Name: ScrappyDate Lost: 11/26/2016Date Found: 11/27/16

I like how they were on it to help find my dog when he was lost. I definitely recommend them.


Found 1 Moxie

Pet Owner: William F. (WA)Pet Name: MoxieDate Lost: 11/25/2016

MOXIE IS FOUND!!! Thank you so much to our good samaritan neighbors who found and took care of Moxie and called us when they saw the sign in the neighborhood! We thank God, and everyone who was looking, praying, encouraging and helping. This will be a Thanksgiving to remember! A neighbor picked her up when they were out walking their dog, and they had her for a couple days, waiting for animal control to open again after the holidays. We were posting signs around the surrounding neighborhoods yesterday and this morning, and they saw one this morning and called us! We are so thankful!


Found 1 Harley

Pet Owner: Maria F. (CA)Pet Name: HarleyDate Lost: 10/30/2016

Harley has been found this app made it all possible


Found 1 Mac

Pet Owner: Jammie K. (SD)Pet Name: MacDate Lost: 11/19/2016Date Found: 11/25/16

Your website is fantastic. Helped locate our missing dog. Sincerely Thank you so much
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