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Found 1 Lucas

Pet Owner: Carys M. (MD)Pet Name: LucasDate Lost: 01/19/2017Date Found: 01/23/17

Although we found Lucas without the site help through personally searching through the local wooded areas, I would still highly recommend the site, many people got the call and were concerned and came out looking. When you loose your pet you have to try everything possible, especially for a senior dog. Thanks to this site, Facebook and awesome friends Lucas is home and alive, still I think in shock but that was a long cold 4 nights out alone


Found 1 Roxy

Pet Owner: Tonya F. (CA)Pet Name: RoxyDate Lost: 01/06/2017

ROXY IS HOME! After more than 2 weeks, Roxy is safe at home! Thank You to the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter and all of the other local shelters and people who helped us look for her. Especially with all of the rain, we were all very worried about her. Roxy was found yesterday at the Rancho Cucamonga Shelter and Roxy is so Happy to be home and so is her family! Thank You so much!


Found 1 Ellie Pug

Pet Owner: Rebekah Z. (CO)Pet Name: Ellie PugDate Lost: 01/20/2017

Thank you for being a no cost option for missing pets!


Found 1 Cooper

Pet Owner: Debbi B. (TX)Pet Name: CooperDate Lost: 01/12/2017

Lost Our Doggie Services helped get the message out there to Vet Clinics, and Pet Shelters. Also, the free posters with a picture was great! Thank you


Found 1 Rylee

Pet Owner: Debbi B. (TX)Pet Name: RyleeDate Lost: 01/12/2017

Lost Our Doggie Services were beneficial, use of their free poster and added picture, paid for extra services to get the message out. Thank You!


Found 1 Cupcake

Pet Owner: Lucretta H. (TX)Pet Name: CupcakeDate Lost: 01/19/2016

Thank you so much!!


Found 1 Brett

Pet Owner: Jill P. (SC)Pet Name: BrettDate Lost: 01/10/2017Date Found: 01/14/17

Although we found our dog without Lost Our Doggie Services the use of their free poster was very instrumental in finding our dog. Thanks.


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Katrina B. (OH)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 01/18/2017Date Found: 01/20/17

This afternoon I put up an ad for a dog we'd found a few nights ago. Just this evening, I got a phone call from the owner, and she specifically cited LostMyDoggie as the place she found her picture & my contact info. Lucky girl got to go home tonight! Thank you; will return if - knock on wood - this or the inverse should happen again!


Found 1 Sam

Pet Owner: Susan O. (SC)Pet Name: SamDate Lost: 01/09/2017Date Found: 01/18/17

What a wonderful service. Many people commented tey had saved the message when I was posting flyers. I would not hesitate to use this service if I had another lost dog - Hoping I never have to. My vet even recommended it to me.


Found 1 Sammy

Pet Owner: Chris G. (PA)Pet Name: SammyDate Lost: 01/17/2017Date Found: 01/18/17

Sammy is FOUND at 5:00 a.m (missing 13 hours). He found his way back to where the car was parked in the State Game Lands in the dark..where his kennel sat by the car with his blanket. We never left and didn't give up. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and tips!


Found 1 Bankie

Pet Owner: Dorothy K. (TX)Pet Name: BankieDate Lost: 01/16/2017

So grateful that our boy Bankie is home!! We used the flyer made by this site and we had him back the next day. Thank you so much, a great resource for sure.


Found 2 Lexi

Pet Owner: Kara Z. (CA)Pet Name: LexiDate Lost: 01/15/2017Date Found: 01/17/17

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SITE!!!!... I have lost 2 of my pets n this site really helped with bringing my babies back home!!!


Found 1 Cinnamon

Pet Owner: Frank P. (OH)Pet Name: CinnamonDate Lost: 01/09/2017Date Found: 01/16/17

Thank you so much, we had 3 tips from the alert calls. Without your help we couldn't have found her.


Found 1 Ginger Grace

Pet Owner: Shirley S. (CA)Pet Name: Ginger GraceDate Lost: 01/14/2017Date Found: 01/15/17

So very grateful to all who assisted & responded to bring Ginger home safe & sound and special Thanks to neighbor "Holly" who found her & took such special care of her on a cold night. This a terrific site & I am truly in awe of how quickly I got my sweet dog back home. Thank you, Thank you!!


Found 1 Rufus

Pet Owner: Janice S. (FL)Pet Name: RufusDate Lost: 12/31/2016Date Found: 01/15/17

Rufus appeared at 9:00 lastnight and I am so happy ! He made his way home on his own ! I appreciate what your website does to help all of these list pet's. We got no sightings or calls but that's ok he is home safe and sound after 14 day's. Thank you for having this website, I have let everyone know that it is available for them to use because alot of people didn't know about the great job you do for our pet's !!!!!! THANK YOU
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