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Pet Owner: Debbie T. (TX)Pet Name: MissyDate Lost: 12/31/2016Date Found: 01/03/17

We all have to work together when our pets get lost!!! Thankfully mine is home after 2 days!!! I will keep looking for all of you that still do no have your baby at home.....I pray for all of the lost animals today that God will direct their families to them!!! Debbie T


Pet Owner: Pat W. (TX)Pet Name: ElsaDate Lost: 01/02/2017

Thank you and your service and your followers for reuniting me with my precious, Elsa. I was contacted by several people who saw my posts and told me to contact your service. Sure enough, the wonderful person who found her also contacted you. Elsa is now safely home and grounded for a week!


Found 1 Ginger

Pet Owner: Angela B. (SC)Pet Name: GingerDate Lost: 12/03/2016Date Found: 01/02/17

Thank you so much for your service! I found your site because a vets office reccommended that I post our LOST Ginger to it. I was able to input all the info quickly and get the created flyer printed and posted the same day! The flyers were placed all over and shared on Facebook so many times! We looked everywhere and followed every lead of a possible sighting for her! Yesterday someone posted on FB sharing her lostmydoggie post. They sent info to me that they had found Ginger!!! After missing for 29 days Ginger finally was able to come home!! Thank you so much for your amazing free service!! Because of your service, Ginger is now home with our family!!! ????????


Found 1 Ava

Pet Owner: Carmen C. (GA)Pet Name: AvaDate Lost: 12/12/2016

Thank you to the site for the help.


Found 1 Mylo

Pet Owner: Ron M. (CA)Pet Name: MyloDate Lost: 12/31/2016Date Found: 01/02/17

Amazing services for anyone searching for there pet or anyone who finds a lost pet. This site is an excellent way to find your missing pet. They sent notices to all the animal related businesses in my area. When i started to call local vets and animal hospitals they had already received alerts from this site. Without the help of this site i probably wouldnt have found our family pet that was located in a neighboring city. I heard about this site while searching the neighborhood for our lost dog and talking with other dog owners. Maybe some kind of advertisement could help others learn about this website. I'll definitely do my part to spread the word and recommend this site to everyone I know.


Found 1 Mya

Pet Owner: Herminia R. (CA)Pet Name: MyaDate Lost: 01/01/2017Date Found: 01/02/17

Thank You Connie & Paula it brought Peace to me to know there are kind people who are willing to help in the reuniting. It was a count of love for fellow men and pets ????


Found 1 Rainy

Pet Owner: Sheri N. (TX)Pet Name: RainyDate Lost: 12/31/2016

I was really impressed at how quick we were able to find Rainy. I posted that morning and by that evening, we were contacted with a possible find. It ended up being an emotional reunion for all. Thank you for the services you provide. The Nguyen Family


Found 1 Jagger

Pet Owner: Roy G. (TX)Pet Name: JaggerDate Lost: 01/01/2017Date Found: 01/02/17

Jagger was found 12 miles from home. Thank you so much for posting so quickly.


Found 1 Morty

Pet Owner: Amy H. (TN)Pet Name: MortyDate Lost: 12/24/2016Date Found: 01/02/17

W found him thanks ago much for everything


Found 1 JAX

Pet Owner: PETRA B. (TX)Pet Name: JAXDate Lost: 12/31/2016Date Found: 01/02/17

I am beyond excited that Jax has been found by a caring man. And because of sites like these that post to vets and across the cuty. He is back home with my mother. Thank you so much!


Found 1 Alli

Pet Owner: Raquel W. (PA)Pet Name: AlliDate Lost: 12/24/2016

We found her safe and sound. ??


Found 1 Trevor

Pet Owner: Rebecca I. (CT)Pet Name: TrevorDate Lost: 12/31/2016Date Found: 01/01/17

Thank you Lost My Doggie. I volunteer with a lost dog recovery group in CT. One of the first tips we give Lost pet owners is to go to to fill out a form & we tell them about your great robo call service. Your services are such an important step in finding lost dogs. Thank you!


Pet Owner: Sarah Q. (CA)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 12/31/2016Date Found: 01/01/17

Writing the cross streets helped the owner find the dog through this site. Very happy the way it processes the information and puts it out there


Found 1 Chubby

Pet Owner: Wayne B. (VA)Pet Name: ChubbyDate Lost: 12/31/2016Date Found: 01/01/17

This is a wonderful service. The robocall worked. Within an hour of having it go out, a neighbor called. Mu brother's missing puppy is now safe at home.


Found 1 Rory

Pet Owner: Rick M. (SC)Pet Name: RoryDate Lost: 12/27/2016

Our sweet girl came home all on her own! Thank you so much for being a service I will recommend to all pet owners that lose their loved ones!
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