Name: Mary J
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Pets: 5
About Me:

I love all animals. I also love to baby sit dogs if anyone needs a baby (dog) sitter. I have very good rates. 623-217-1057. I just bought my own house with a huge yard for my 2 dogs to play in. Both of my Babies are rescues. I would not trade them for the world. The first one is a Shepard/Grayhound mix and is a big baby. His buddy is a Pit/Hunting dog mix. He got dropped on my doorstep after being hit by a car. So I nursed him back got him fixed and he is my baby. He takes care of the security around the house. I am a part of the ASPCA. I brought degus to the valley and across the United States also wrote a book on degus. I am always willing to help out with animals. I can't live with out them.


Profile Information:

Proud Pet Parent Of:
Buddy, Sam (dogs) Puddin, Stitch, and our new member Thumbilina (cats)

How We Met:
Sam our neighbor gave to us. Buddy was hit by a car and got dropped off on my door step. Puddin, was left behind when the owner moved, Stitch was left at a coffee shop and my neighbor brought him over Thumblinia's an abused 24 toed kitty my daughter brought home from NM after learning she was being tossed around and picked up by the tail and fed only what she could catch herself.

Pet Likes:
Stitch makes my bed every day and fluffs the pillows up for me before I go to bed. My Buddy sleeps with me in my bed. They all bring their individual rays of sunshine to the house. I love to watch them play.

Pet Dislikes:
I don't have any. I love them all They are all my angels with their individual personalitys. I would like to try to potty train the cats. That would be cool.

Favorite Spots:
Buddys is next to me, Sam is under a blanket. Puddin is in the window. Stitch loves to fluff my bed and play with Thumbilina. As long they are all in the house They all love it here.

Favorite Toy:

Silliest Habit:
My Pit Buddy pickes up his toys from outside before he comes in for the evening. Buddy takes very good care of his toys.

Sweetest Moment:
When Buddy wakes me up to let him out in the morning. He makes a production out of it.

My Pet Is Unique Because:
Because they are my animals and I take the time to know what their signals are for what they want.. I have taught 2 of the cats to talk. They say Hello Mama, I love you, feed me, Mama, No. OK. amoung other things. Buddy, because he is the sweetest dog unless you do not belong in our yard. He actually, got me up at 1AM to go outside and there was a stranger in our yard. Buddy chased him nipped at him and made sure that no one else will be creeping in our yard ever again.

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