Name: Cecelia A
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Location: Phoenix, AZ
United States
About Me:

I love my cats Tigger, and Meepers; (tigger is my profile). But right now I am sad because Tigger is missing and has been missing since Tuesday Morning.


Profile Information:

Proud Pet Parent Of:
Meepers and Tigger

How We Met:
Tigger came to us from a friend who had seen her get thrown out of a moving vehicle when she was still a kitten. And Meepers, well my next door neighbor (who is no longer there); had a cat named Gizmo who they abandoned when they got evicted, had three kittens and one they gave to a friend of theirs and gave me the other two. I went and gave one to our family friend Ruby, and the little tortoise shell brat Meepers we kept.

Pet Likes:
Tigger likes to play fetch and loves my fiancee Robby, Meepers loves to play with just about anything she can get her little paws on, and she loves to eat. She's always Hungry. LOL

Pet Dislikes:
Tigger does not like getting wet or riding in a vehicle. Meepers is very scarred of Thunder storms.

Favorite Spots:
Tigger- on my fiancees lap or on a chair Meepers- on the back of my fiancee's chair while he's in it.

Favorite Toy:
fuzzy mice

Silliest Habit:
Both Tigger and Meepers love to eat cheese.

Sweetest Moment:
when they are both asleep and go what we call, " upside down kitty ".

My Pet Is Unique Because:
Tigger--- Her markings Meepers--- Because of the way she like to stand on her back legs and puffs up like a squirrel.

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