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CCR is an all species, wild life and domestic ***NO KILL*** pet rescue. We try to help anyone that has lost their pet be it a dog, or cat or bunny or ferret, rat, guinea, hammy etc. We also adopt out many pets from our website-we try to keep at least 1/5th of the animals listed but with so much to do-there are many pets here adoptable that are not listed. If you are looking to adopt in Friutport MI/ West MI, please call for appt.231-865-6021. We contract w/ you and ask for our vetting costs in return in the form of an adopton fee. Some pets come abused or hurt. Those costs are covered by our supporters who just simply love animals-ALL OF THEM- as I do:)) Please consider sponsoring an animal here at CCR or donating and supporting us to help us keep our doors open here:)) We are on call w/ 911 emerg. services for any "ANIMAL" rescue....domestic or wild. GAS, FOOD, MEDS, VETTING,HAY, PENS, FRESH GREENS, Insurance, Elec, gas, water etc..Please help if you can!

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