Pit Bulls

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This group is for anyone who wants to talk about pit bulls. You don't have to have one to join this group, if you've got an opinion or perhaps own one, this is the group for you. So much is written about pit bulls and there are so many misconceptions about this breed, hopefully this group can shed some more light on them.

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06:40 PM EST

Milan Michigan area, June 12th We lost two of our pits: Buzz and Stella. Buzz is a 18 month old Male pit neutered, chipped and had a black leather collar.and a white blaze on his chest. Stella is brown and white with freckle on her nose, she has a notch in her left ear, also chipped and collared.Spayed too. Is anyone has any info on either plz contact me, DGEddy56@ gmail.com


06:49 AM EST

Hi. Sorry to hear this but do you have a photo of him?


11:22 AM EST

my heart is in pain my novacaine has been lost since 7/3/2013 if I had know that the person I trusted him to would leash him up outside I would have not let him go with him it was hot in my house and my 6yrs old grand daughter was throwing up as well as novacaine, who is also 6yrs old the sad part of this tell is that it was his dog first I had to go get nova in Van Cover WA. I neer think of myself I'm always there to help novacaine was afraid of thunder fireworks every one knows that I just want my dog back I'm cutting this short so I want cry always nightvoice

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