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About This Group:

FREE lost and found dog postings. If you've lost your dog feel free to post here with a picture and description. Our community can hopefully help in your lost dog search. Also if you've found a pet you can post here too so lost dog owners can review this group for possible sightings of their lost dog.

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02:27 AM EST

LOST/PRESUMED STOLEN (possibly taken for dog fighting) Reb had been taken, but found and brought home a few days prior to his disappearance. His collar was left on the ground with the lead still attached. He may have slipped it, but I have a feeling that it was set up to look like he just ran off. I've been told that he's dead. That a pack of coyotes had gotten him. I honestly believe with all my heart that isn't the truth at all. Rebel has grown up in the sticks. Every time he heard the wild dogs come in he would come inside or go in the garage/shop. He never went to them. I just wish I knew that if hes alive... if he's OK... if he's hurt... I want him to know that his mommy loves him. That I cry every day for having lost my best friend.I hope he knows I'll never stop searching for him... Rebel was and is my heart. We were inseparable. Everywhere I went, you bet Reb was somewhere close. He could sound like the most vicious animal in the world, but when I wasn't in his sight he has his own "I want my Mommy" squall. It used to get on my nerves cause I couldn't even leave a room and hed go into crying for me... now I miss it more than anything. He's been here for me when I lost literally everything. He's lived with me in my car over the summer & slept behind garbage cans with me when we were homeless. I shared everything with him. Every cheeseburger, every sicker... and all my heart. I just remembered that he loved his caramel creams and cow tails candy... lol. I'm ready for him to come home to me. We need each other... ?? Please help find my baby boy. My heart aches everyday that he is gone. Danielle (256)398-5198; call or text if you have any information about Rebel.

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