Reunited on 09/21/13
Our 11 year old Golden Retriever who normally doesn't leave our property decided to wonder off Friday afternoon after getting a bath and a shave at Pet Smart. After getting shaved he really did not look like a golden but more like a yellow lab. We also had not replaced his tag on his collar so we were worried that he would not be recognized. We had 30 minutes to look for him before my sons high school football game and we didn't find him. We looked o several hours late into he night after the game. No Rudy! We had a hard time sleeping and were up Saturday morning when I discovered your service on line. I signed up and by the time I got to the animal shelter they already had your fax about our dog missing. Fortunately late morning Rudy showed up and he was all dry even tough it had been ranking all night and morning. Some Good Samaritan out him up for the night. A big thank you ! Jack


Golden Retriever

Pet Details

Pet Name:

(ID# 40498)

Pet Type:
Pet Breed:
Golden Retriever
Pet Color:
Golden, Red
Date Lost:
Area Last Seen:

35601 (DECATUR, AL)


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