Reunited on 08/30/13
I lost my dog Hershey during a huge thunderstorm. He was scared and ran away. I spent countless nights after work looking for him and, went multiple times to the local dog shelters with no luck. There, a nice lady told me about lostmydoggie.com and explained to me how it worked. I went straight home and immediately singed up for the program. The best tool I had were the flyers I was able to print out that were generated for me by the website. I printed out 30 copies the first day. Unfortunately, as soon as i did that a huge dust storm hit the city. I was determined to find my dog and continued to post posters despite the storm. I posted them on bus stops, local businesses and stop signs, while still trying to look for Hershey. The next day at 6:00 a.m. I got a called from someone walking to school that they had seen my dog. Right away I got in my car and drove to the area where my dog had been spotted. After hours of looking I did not find him. The next day I printed out 30 more flyers and posted around my neighborhood and busy intersections. I spent countless ours looking for him again and nothing. It had been 4 days since my dog was missing and I was exhausted, from combing through countless alleys and abandoned houses with no luck. I wondered how nobody had found my dog, specially when he had his dog tag.I was quickly loosing hope. On top of that I was involved in an accident while trying to search for Hershey. I was so depressed that all I was worried about was how am I going to search for my dog now. I went home that night tire, beaten, and hopeless. Then a miracle happened. the next morning I received I called around 10:00 am that they had seen my dog and matched perfectly the dog photo and description that was on the flyer. The person said he had seen him by a church but was unable to stay with him. Immediately I asked my mother-in-law to drive me to the location my dog had been spotted. On top of that I called my mother and told her where Hershey had been seen. Amazingly she was walking across the street were Hershey had been seen. I was sure I had found my dog but, as soon as we got there he was gone..... I looked around the church, went trough the neighborhood and checked an abandoned house across the church and nothing. My hopes had been crushed ones more. But I noticed the abandoned house across the church had an opening in the backyard leading to the canal behind the houses. I deiced that was my last chance of finding my dog. As I went around the houses to the canal, i noticed a young kid coming from that area. I asked him if hen had seen any dogs trough the canal but he said, he had not. I was not deterred by his answer and continued to walk along side the canal. I yelled at the top of my lungs for my dogs name and sure enough at the backyard of the abandoned house I had previously gone to I saw I shadow move. I yelled, "Hershey" and my dog came out of the backyard. I had found my dog, I had found my dog. My dog walked out of that house with the last of his strength and collapsed to the ground. I was horrified to see a huge gash on the side of my dog. I was a deep cut. His skin was tore open and the gash was long and wide. I imminently called my mother-in-law and told her I had found Hershey but he was in bad shape. Straight away we took hi to an Animal Hospital were surgery, had to bee done on him. As of now, Hershey is recovering, he has stitches from his wound and a little tube sticking from both sides to prevent infection and is taking his medicine. When I found Hershey he did not have his dog collar and dog tag on him. Without that there was no way of anybody recognizing it was a house dog and that it belonged to someone. If it wasn't for the flyers I was able to print out thanks to the website, I doubt I would have been able to find my dog. Hershey is a strong dog that spent 5 days trough dust-storms, thunderstorms, dehydration, lack of food and being wounded. He is a strong dog that never gave up on coming home and for that I thank him and, just as him I will be strong trough his recovery. It truly was a miracle and feel blessed to have Hershey with me today.


Mixed Breed

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(ID# 38990)

Pet Type:
Pet Breed:
Mixed Breed, Poodle
Pet Color:
Black, Tan-Cream
Date Lost:
Area Last Seen:

85031 (PHOENIX, AZ)


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