Reunited on 06/20/13
I am so pleased to be able to update Hunters status to found, I want to personally thank “Lostmydoggie.com” for their outstanding support. I feel that before the help from “Lostmydoggie.com we was just driving in circles and not even getting anywhere with our search. Right after I posted hunter on this site and received our professional fliers I went home that afternoon and hung them on every other telephone pole in our neighborhood, I also went to the local fire department, gas stations, grocery stores I even handed a couple to the Animal Control Officer (aka, the Dog Catcher), to my surprise he said that he would gladly help post them in some of the nearby neighborhoods. He asked who had done up the fliers for us because he had never seen any so professional looking and organized before. The very next day I started getting reports from people that had spotted “Hunter” and it ultimately led to us finding him in a neighborhood about two miles away from our own. I called the Dog Catcher and asked if he had hung the fliers up there and he replied yes because he had been getting a couple of reports about a couple of dogs running loose in that area. He asked me why did you find “Hunter” I was very happy to tell him that we did and we owed it all to him and “Lostmydogie.com” the “Dog Catcher replied with I should get a“lostmydoggie.com” label placed on the sides and rear of his truck. I told him that I would hold him to that and I would be glad to help pay for it to be done.


German Shepherd

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Pet Name:

(ID# 33804)

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Pet Breed:
German Shepherd, Mixed Breed
Pet Color:
Tan-Cream, Black
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