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What a remarkable program! What remarkable results! Mary Jane had ventured during the night across a major Blvd. and lived, albeit after 1:00 AM and not being street smart this was in her favor. She was farther than ever before about 10 blocks south and followed along a canal for awhile. I finally contacted your program about 13 hours to 14 hours later. I got a phone call about 45 minutes later. She had been visiting in the garage with this ladies husband and son while they did work in the garage for about 3 hours. When they finished she left and they had not seen her in about 1 1/2 hours. I started driving the street and the neighborhood knowing that this mean Pit Bull/Vizsla cross would be licking someone to death along the trail. My fear was that someone would either mistake her rapid approach as aggression rather than a twofold desire for water and affection wanting to play. It was 108 that day and she had not been home for water in over 12 hours. When the garage door closed, she ventured across the street to make friends with THEM. They brought her in and gave her water, and she followed the man of the house outside to the pool. When he ventured into the water, that was her cue. She swam until I drove the street and the neighbor contacted them. When I drove back to that house, there she was. Best $139 I ever spent. Thank You so much! 45 minutes.........unbelievable. Rob Drobel

Mary Jane

Pit Bull

Pet Details

Pet Name:
Mary Jane

(ID# 103018)

Pet Type:
Pet Breed:
Pit Bull, Vizsla
Pet Color:
Date Lost:
Area Last Seen:

85213 (MESA, AZ)


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